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If I had to sum it up
Without sounding too clever
I'd have to say my life has been
A case of bright lights;
Black leather

So went the Adam & the Ants song about Berlin at the time the wall came down. 

The club scene across the world was very diverse by late 1980s early 1990s but whatever the music genre you were in to 
it would often mean standing in a queue to get 'spotted' to gain entry. Thus a warm and versatile coat that could transform
in to something more dramatic as often the answer to take you from work to one of these outlandish clubs, be it the Wag or 
the Mudd club in London, children of the Blitz club, or the emerging techno scene in Berlin that would spread throughout Europe,
was a must. Then 1990 was also the year that Torture Garden started, Slimelight was still rocking (still is!), and again you were 
sorted with this coat.

The coats in this style were made by several brands and artisan leather companies in various qualities, from c 1989 through the 1990s.
This one, is of the highest with gorgeous buttersoft leather and suede panels, and has the full batwing sleeve & swing, that when
belted transforms in to the Tudor buccaneer drama, and  it was easy to  stuff that leather obi belt & dramatic Grace Jones style hat in to 
your work bag. You finished work too late to get home and change in the capitals, so having a transformable outfit was a good idea. One
classic option for men was to wear your fifties cut zoot suit to work then at night simply add an extra tie and a pencil line moustache &
a raspberry fedora! So this coat was very much a 'transformer' in style from chic to fabulous!

It is a UK size 10, though fine for a size 8 or small 12. 
The belt is a real soft leather obi I shall ad normal value £89

I may sell the red hat too if your heart is set on the look!

The coat, was made in London by Manufacturer 'Reward' : bless your cotton socks learn to accept yours!
Reward did many fabulous buttersoft pieces at this time their pencil skirts were  dream.

Dramatic swing leather & suede vintage Reward London coat Mock Tudor

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