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Ah sadly this beautiful vintage Italian designer trapezium high quality luxury faux fur coat in a rich deep red, has some marks on it.


Not sure what has caused them but it's not staining or singeing of any kind there's no residue to toothbrush attempt to rejuvinate and the areas it occurs are consistent with flattening of the pile. This usually occurs stored badly with object on the top, or wear to the seat (none here), or, a shoulder bag usually with ornament. I think the latter is the case here because some of the marks are in a dot pattern suggested perhaps studs on a bag. Anyway it isn't from muck or stain or anything, and it certainly wouldn't stop me wearing as its so lovely, and in fact I did I like wearing red to the Ivy as it's so green and complimentary! And sure enough I had compliments from strangers on the coat at the bar there. 


The coat's label is Moretti Donna and Made in Italy with high quality luxury Tyber Belgian faux fur. Very dense thread count and 33% cotton so this is why they are far superior sheen to modern faux furs they are much better quality. It is akin to high quality dense weaved cotton with a lovely nap, over synthetic. In fact because of the nap of these faux furs, you get marks as you brsh one way or other anyway so that's why these permanent marks aren't so serious to the look. It still looks a stunning coat so rich much better than the photos can convey

It is still very sleek, soft and sensual, and gleams beautifully in the sun can't really capture it in the photos as reds are difficult for camera. It is a deep dark cherry 
red and so frustrating photos don;t capture nearly how lovely and rich the colour is.
Sometimes these faux furs from this period can be faded in parts but certainly not this one.

The Ivy in fact is originally Italian established , by Abele Giandolini and Maître d’Hôtel Mario Gallati, the latter of whom went on to open Caprice, which was a favourite of Lady Diana and the like. The Ivy's early clients included Vivienne Leigh and Marlene Dietrich, and still the haunt of celebs and fashionistas and its clients included footballers, movie fashion and theatre people and Joan Collins and the late HM Queen Elizabeth. So getting a compliment in The Ivy I can tell you gets some doing. That's how lovely the coat is it turns heads when you walk colour and movement. 


It is suitable I'd say up to a size UK 14 though I am an 8 and its just fine. These trapezium  coats were often one size. 

It has a really lovely funnel neck done up, and a different look when worn open. The back swings whichever way you wear.


So bear in mind if this was in perfect condition I'd be asking around £400 for it easily.

The Italian trapezium coats of the 1980s  in particularly had lots of luxury fabric, and produced a beautiful gentle swing in walk that is very elegant movement, and of course it has a huge swing if you want to be a little dramatic. I recall seeing video of horse racing on frozen lake in St Moritz and Italian owner of horse throwing her swing round her shivering jockey as trainer gave instructions. These coats were made for that kind of glamorous event and both real fur and faux fur were made in the style. I mean everyone did them, but the Italian ones are a bit special that regard and the Italian girls sure new how to move them. It has shoulder pads which you need to get the full swing really and later UK swing coats didn't have them; but Italian brands generally retained them more testimony to fact they understood the aesthetic better.


When I first came to London though I loved British fashion, you have to admit Italian girls are something else style wise especially back in the 80s and even their rockabilly and goth girls had these swing coats as well as the well heeled. Used to make me sigh with delight to see those coats swing on Kings Road, Knightsbridge Portobello and Kensington and they were almost all Italian. Yu still see the odd one now, and I often buy and sell such from and to Italian girls.


Certainly they stood tests of stamina in fashion stakes because the first ones I recall seeing around 1980, then big explosion of them around 1983, then stayed the course until the mid 1990s. And now I think they are a classic as they have that swoon quality, and certainly in demand. Once you see that coat move in the street your straight up and down modern faux fur seems bulky shapeless and lack any elegant movement so you want.  The Italian ones are generally  best if you appreciate this too. 

So difficult to date precisely but 1983/85 some nice colourful ones came out and again 1990-1993.

I've been East and West and South and North and never seen women as well dressed this respect as Italian girls especially in London and cooler climes than Italy (well even the Romans in correspondence complained about the cold & damp in Britain in the much warmer Europe of the time) these coats were de rigeuer for their look

So that is my 'Spirit of the Age' song , Walking in London by Concrete Blonde, which came out 1992 when this was certainly still being worn, even though I think more likely an 80s one.


"This deja-vu feeling
I know quite well

A cosmic connection
With someone somewhere
Is coming from your direction
I swear, I swear

I've been East, I've been West, I've been North, I've been South
I feel your arms, I hear your voice, I feel your hands, I kiss your back
And I am walking in London
And you are watching me walk
Talking Italian
And you are hearing me talk..."


And with the Mob Wife aesthetic really in, it's nice to have a proper Italian job....

Deep Red vintage Italian 1980s faux fur trapezium coat beautiful swing luxury

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