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Breathtakingly beautiful Annie Gough designer colonial veiled bucket sun hat from the 1970s, in near pristine condition; reminiscent of & inspired by the Edwardian/1920s/1930s period . I have seen two Annie Gough hats like  this before, one stained and one smashed to bits, and neither as beautifully cut as this one; so to find it in such condition was a holy grail find for me. The owner obviously treasured it and kept it in a box. Annie Gough specialized in those Bohemian but elegant 1970s Edwardian revival dresses of the late 1960s early 1970s.


Like an elegant piece you'd expect Susan Hampshire to wear in The Forsyte Saga, or one of the many period colonial dramas which had an inspirational effect on 70s fashion revival of the period

This is ideal for wedding, a day at the races, a garden party of promenade, of for your Victorian/Edwardian revival or steampunk ensemble, or summer colonial chic.


It looks of a different and more genteel era; a really exquisite piece. The style and cut is just so beautiful and period even though its a 70s piece it's been made with incredible attention to detail & style and a work of Art.

Explore the world in style...

Cult 1970s vintage designer Annie Gough Victorian/Edwardian/1920s colonial hat

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