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The movie Dr Zhivago in 1965 inspired frog fastening 'princess' fur trim coats for many years later, but this piece was one of the first. Simon Howard London was a name synonymous with Mod style and the Union Jack Arrow of the label bears testimony to this. No '7/6-' a mod insult for those who bought cheap clothes, the Simon Howard brand was quality tailoring in ladies coats especially. 


This piece is especially lovely because of the soft sheepskin fur trim front split and bottom trim. 


If you were part of the 'edgy' Mod movement and went out with a 'face' , you'd have had a coat of this quality. Very sturdy wool mix, it's got a lot of life left in it....and we think it will down the line could be attending some edgy mod & new psych events yet again. Or perhaps a winter stroll through Carnaby st or the King's Road, where it once no doubt would have spent many a day with its original owner.


You could just see Tara King of The Avengers 1968  in this couldn't you? 


Has a zip front but also substantial wire frog fastenings: the thread has become bare leaving the metal showing at the end but we can repair this if purchased though have left it as is atm so the buyer is aware of the original condition as we like this coat has clearly had substantial wear yet is so sturdy and great condition everywhere else! Not fast fashion. Made to last.  It's a UK size 8-10


Cool 1960s Simon Howard Mouton fur trim coat - very 'Dolly Bird' MOD Dr Zhivago

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