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Stunning Butler & Wilson piece this red and black choker heavyweight costume piece is a real head turner. Very sexy inspired by a period where a woman's choker could be an expression of her restricted sensuality, and favoured by both high society and the showgirl; anathema to the 
prudish and temperance puritans. Still now there is something very alluring about a quality choker, but it has to be quality, then can be so glamorous and the name Butler and Wilson assures its quality.

A very baroque piece, this is not for the petite fleur; this for the confident alluring charm of the period inspired femme fatale; a female Moriarty to seduce a Holmes....


So if steampunk, Edwardian/Victorian or saloon girl glamour is your thing, you want a statement piece for your evening gown,  or you are a collector of fine Butler & Wilson pieces take advantage now before I change my mind on selling it!


Red & black, glass & swarovski  crystal, the mount appears to be a solid brass. The detail is fabulous with little teadrop adornment hanging from the crystal top layer between the large red/black cameo shapes 


Original price was 158 euros.

Butler & Wilson stunning statement piece: Edwardian style brass, swarovski/glass

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