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It is an original 1950s Elsa Schiaprelli veiled hat, cut for sitting on a rear high french pleat. 

This is not in the best condition, and had a double veil originally whereas this has been damaged and only remains on the centre. The underveil however works perfectly well . 

We can should you wish restore this with a new secondary top veil or simply trim the existing top veil. But, we haven't as yet in case a museum or vintage fashion colector would like it In addition there is some marking (looks like part has faded where the beads are in parts whereas the rest of the silk satin has not) on the centrail strip of beads. One bead is also damaged but it doesn't notice. There are smaller versions of the beads on the veil where the original top spider lace veil was attached to the fine gauze underveil. 


If this were prstine, it would be valued at around £600-£900 so take advantage of the price for such an amazing piece. You could actually box frame this as a display piece in yoru home with Schiaparelli vintage magazine ads either side  framed. Yes, we can do that for you if you would like contact us for details.  


Appreciate this hat is one of the twentieth century's greatest fashion icon's creations and creative collaborator with Salvador Dali

Behold yes it is an original Elsa Schiaparelli hat

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