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Beautiful vintage early 1960s tailored wool & phantom beaver fur collar jacket by West German Wilken Modelle.


This is a lovely jacket made by Wilken of West Germany, specifically Gelsenkirchen , home of famous football club FC Schalke 04. It's a warm jacket so if you were
a German girl you'd maybe have worn on the terraces to cheer on the local team, though they struggled for most of the 1960s though they did have Friedel Rausch, 
Klaus Fichtel, & Willi Schulz just to give some background to the place & time the jacket was made.


It has that lovely period feel of West German design at the time, very neat & utilitarian business like,  fine quality & cold war reserve so just a hint of glamour but that glamour is supplied by a gorgeous, butter soft phantom sheared beaver fur collar.

It reminds me of something that Elke Sommer would have worn in the 1963 movie The Prize, or Deborah Kerr in The Journey 1959.


I love it myself but sadly it is too big for me, so excuse the modelling here it will be far better on someone it fits properly. It's a size UK 14 or a small 16, and would look fabulously tailored on someone that size. Waist is 37 inches,  bust is 40 inches, hips 42 inches


It is a dark brown wool, with a slight boucle effect, and lovely cut flap detail above the bust, and a belt. 


The company Eduard Wilken GmbH as the pride of quality German fashion at the time with some 27% of their exports, and the brand was sold in good dept stores
worldwide. They employed 600 people at their height and the seamstresses & machinists were renowned for their quality of work & their garments for the excellent textiles. So this was made to last & has in excellent condition! Sadly the company closed operations in 1987, as did so many quality western manufacturers after the late 80s when began the decline in fashion caused by global mass produced corporate tat. You'd be pushed to find garments like this these days so sad; 
but then that is why you are here isn't it so no point me preaching to the converted, you already know! Buttons of course are lovely tortoiseshell look horn.


This would be fabulous for that later 1950s early 1960s pencil skirt or shift day dress for a 50s or 80s vintage event outing, but for a modern twist it looks so cool with jeans and a pair of long boots, so very versatile if you have lots of taupes beige & browns & Autumnal shades in your wardrobe; or
even of course with black: people think black and brown don't go together but of course they do as every equestrian will tell you! Indeed, this would be ideal wear for a spring Pont to Point races, or horse show! It's a strong fabric so pretty thorn proof. 


You'll have this for life and pass it on to the next generation!

RESERVED do not buy vintage Wilken 1960s tailored wool & phantom beaver jacket

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