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Oh now this is stunning and I may keep so quick before I change my mind. A very smart chic piece.


It is we believe late 1970s, retaining some features of the real leather inserts and fit and flare, and new elements of style that people associate with 1980s but in fact came in 1978 ish. So the shoulder structure and mandarin collar here are indicators, as is the slightly longer length and slightly less flare. It is the missing link if you like between 70s and 80s. A brief transitionary period when some fabulously unusual pieces were made.

There is a lovely metal alloy buckle feature ornament on the back of the belt , and it is fitted and ties in front both also 70s features. The archaic tag inside also suggest 1970s. 

There is no modern faux fur that compete with the quality of something like this. 

Has horn look buttons and a belt to tie fasten


Size it's ideal for a size UK 10 though I am UK 8 and its fits well when belted and lovely swagger on it walking open. So perfect with 70s and 80s boots as I know many of you love them. Now, I am gonna shift swiftly from Miss Brahms and go all Mrs Slocombe on you if you even think of wearing a magnificent piece like this with Doc Martins or sports trainers. Its FAR too lovely a coat for that and deserves a bit of special occasion with champagne on a nice hotel terrace perhaps. This is the Mob Wife time and you grungey girls after a coat to knock about and spill beer down can get your mittens off ! Time to dress to impress again...


There is some very slight wear to the belt where it has been tied often but really nothing just so you know rest of the coat immaculate, and that & the v inserts just to flare out a little are lovely soft pale tan colour.


These kind of coats with the very authentic looking mink and the real leather and suede were expensive at the time compared to more utility coats, and were designed for a very glamorous look for aspirational lifestyle when you maybe couldn't afford real mink. They tended to be sold high end department stores. Not a fun fur knock about one, and has been well looked after.


So champagne colour for a champagne lifestyle! Which, the 1970s was all about really and even if you couldn't afford it you aspired to it. And you didn't need Bollinger when there was...Babycham! Absolute craze for it back then and a scintillating drink tbh it's a perry. 

Good think is though these coats were still a couple hundred rather than a couple thousand, so still a save up job, well if you worked in a dept store it was glory days for retail workers. 5% commission on sales and up to 30% staff discounts were not uncommon. So a dept store worker could easily double her wages and more. I met one lady who sold me some lovely vintage pieces who would make £500 a week commission some weeks around xmas. I started late 90s in UK and as minimum wage came in and it was the first thing we were screwed out of. Most girls on the floor were worse off. And the generous discounts went too.  It was a Trojan horse for us. We lost days in lieu overtime rates and paid lunch breaks too often. 


So, the days of dept store girls swanning round in furs and sports cars sipping champers in cocktail bars were gone. But in the 70s , was a fab time for them and they felt appreciated and customer service was fantastic they were skilled workers, and trusted by consumers. And let's face it was not difficult to sell such beautiful high quality made garments. So have a watch of 'Are you being Served?' screenshots with dialogue in video to set scene and fur coat joke about gentleman who wants one for wife and mistress!  and "£100 commission for me!" confirming the 5% as his mistress get a £2k one!


I've also explored the champagne lifestyle of the time with footballers musicians bunny girls and beauty queens, and Formula 1 drivers  etc. And my 'Spirit of the Age and garment' song for this one is.....
"I've got the money, I've got the place
You've got the figure, you've got the face
Let's get together, the two of us over a glass of champagne
I've got the music, I've got the lights
You've got the figure full of delights
Let's get together, the two of us over a glass of champagne..>"

Glass of Champagne by Sailor

So who would you have taken your champagne in your coat with? George Kajanus of Sailor (whose sis was a Mexican pulp movie star glamour queen and dominatrix/therapist btw) , Roger Moore's James Bond, Georgie Best, James Hunt, Richard Burton, Bob Marley, or a Miss World?  

Truth be known, most of us at the time was more likely to be a Babycham with a down to earth Dennis Waterman type at the Winchester club in 'Minder', which came out 1979 and has a pattering of similar period faux and real furs crop up, but hey that was cool too. Had a soft spot for him tbh RIP.

Beautiful vintage late 1970s champagne colour faux fur real leathercoat Tissavel

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