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A Deréta for the Lambretta? Gab Up, this ain't your 7/6.

Deréta was associated with high quality ladies clothing in the UK from the late 1940s to 1970s 
and especially fine cut and fabrics, available in the high end dept stores boutiques and even 
had the Queen & vogue's stamp of approval. 

This one a mid to late 1960s coat in a stunning soft thick weave of colours blue black and brown, a chunky neo houndstooth that looks pristine & fresh.
Made in the UK.
The collar is real sheepskin fur, so snuggly and the think fabric back helps it stand up nicely. 

The Mod influence evident in the slant pockets and double breasted semi fitted and flare line has that 1965-1968 look, that influenced the
later early 1970s lines and the 'Dolly Bird' look.

This is a UK size 10- small 14

A think warm high quality and very stylish coat for daily wear made to last and has: still looks COME ON NOW! 

"So come on now (baby come on now)
Well come on now
Well it's getting late and we better go
(It's getting late and we better go)
Come on now
Come on now while we still got time
Come on, baby, the sun is shinin'
Put your coat on and stop your whinin'
Oh, baby, oh it's all right"

As The Kinks song went...

Beautiful Vintage Deréta 1960s MOD wool tweed sheepskin fur collar coat fit & fl

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