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And when I look in my window
So many different people to be
That is strange
So strange.....

Who will you be in this beautiful vintage Laura Ashley gown?

Will you be the Victorian Halloween harlot?
The belle of the winter ball?
The mysterious vamp at a night at the Opera?
Put the glamour in glamping?
Haunt him at dinner at a gothic castle dinner?
A spectre in silk floating round the summer garden party?
Will your victims be bled at a Bauhaus soiree ?
Woo the promenade at Whitby?
Will Sherlock expect your female Moriarty?
Are you a Westworld wakened automaton ready for revenge in the saloon?
An English rose in black at Royal Ascot?

Or maybe you have more wickedly fiendish plans...especially if you are that girl who should have been born in black & white....

Channel 7, eye shades of grey
Too close but two worlds away
Plan 9, her domain
Too close but two worlds away.....

So many different people to be in this beautiful raw silk dress by Laura Ashley from the 1980s in immaculate condition true figure hugging glamour;
light and easy to dance in, strike a pose or hang out at your favourite haunt.

Laura Ashley tapped in to the spirit of the gothic with many pieces in the 1980s & this was one of their most elegant successes.
You can be a Princess Diana or a Gothic vamp in this.

It is breathtaking.
As well as the cut on the waist and hips...take care to pick up every stitch.... the shawl collar and the buttoned sleeves are sublime.

Nowhere to go to wear it? This is a dress that demands you make somewhere to go...quality fashion has that ability to inspire you to
live your dreams....

Beautiful vintage 1980s English Gothic Romance in black raw silk by LAURA ASHLEY

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