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Tissavel did some very high quality pieces for both other designers and their own range, in addition to their standard classic shapes, and this is one of them.

UK size 12, though I'd wear it even as a size 8. 

The highest quality of faux fur, and in immaculate condition with sheen & pile perfect. 

The shape is amazing! Drop shoulder sleeve, and semi fitted waist, with the most sublime breathtaking sleeve flare and lovely buttons. You will want to pose in this with your hands on your hips all day long!
Would look very elegant for evening wear with a long black dress or pencil skirt but equally looks great worn casual with boots or retro wear for that 'B-52' 's kitsch punk/New Wave look where you stole your posh auntie's fur to make a bricolage with trash wear. So despite it being a bold statement it is actually versatile and can take you from a candlelit dinner or a ball to a club or gig. Just hiss at anybody who comes near with you with a beer pussycat.....this is toooooo nice to let the ill educated in matters of beautiful fashion to spoil.

Very special piece and perfectly aligned stripes made with love and pride.

I have a LIlli Ann in exactly the same faux fur so know this dates from the 1970s period, but this has some elements of early 1960s and some of early 1980s so difficult to pin down to an actual year but if I had to would say c 1971-1974. A very nice and unique piece

Amazing zebra print high quality faux fur by Tissavel immaculate 1970s

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