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This is a stunner. With cinched fit and flare waist, and turn back velvet trim cuff, and velvet edged collar and inside lined front, this is right out of the Dior New Look style period, but its a retro made 1980s we think. But unlike most retro fashion companies, this piece made by an Italian boutique Phoemina has very high quality fabric (30% cashmere) and workmanship that s not mass produced, & the cut is exquisite. 

It is just enchanting and can be worn either with a late forties early fifties ensemble, or looks amazing worn contemporary with long boots.


If it wasn't for the difficulties atm with not being able to trade at events, then I would not be selling this and if we get to the end of the tunnel re lockdowns it's my keeper! 


Size UK 8-10 

Amazing Italian cashmere wool 'Dior New Look' inspired 80s does 40s/50s coat

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