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RARE Gorgeous bustle & drape 1980s vintage gown by SARAH WHITWORTH (Deadlier than the Male) in raw silk and velvet real Corset back.


Fabulous Gothic gown with a western saloon girl twist which was designer Sarah Whitworth's trademark, as was her slogan 'Deadlier than the Male' with the spider motif. She sold herself at Hyper Hyper the London small  designer outlet opposite Kensington Market; and she and then fledgling label Ghost were a must visit for the elegant and the edgy.  


Sarah is now being recognized for her talent & contribution to Fashion (she went first to her own shop in Richmond, then to Brighton and designed exclusive wedding dresses when Hyper Hyper closed), and the V&A Museum of Art & Fashion now have some of her pieces in their collection. 

They weren't mass produced so they are rare! And they are amazing to wear real head turners.


I went with a western gothic theme for the shoot & video, inspired by the Hives song; even though that's more contemporary.


I can sit and watch that history unfold
I can draw my own destiny and brake up the mold
So what if I'm a witch, should it come as a surprise?
A valley of fear I walk each day

Under the blood red moon
The blood red moon
Under the blood red moon


The dress is knee length at the front, but has a bustle & drape train at the back in raw silk, which Sarah worked with a lot as well as velvet, which forms the
bodice and skirt. It has a proper corsetted back fastening so you'll need help to get it on; and it can be adjusted so a size UK 6 done right up, to a small UK 10
with the laces more open at the back. The bustle is a delight as it moves when you dance. 

A real vamp dress; suitable for that Westworld saloon girl awakened, or Gothic harlot!


1980s vintage gown SARAH WHITWORTH (Deadlier than the Male)

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