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"Strange... I've seen that face before..."

This jacket hails from Paris, the luxury 'Galerie' brand. It has a lovely crop shape but is tailored a little to the waist so a beautiful cut, with a 
removeable quality cotton content faux fur collar. The cuffs and front fastening have lovely baroque enamelled coloured on brass coloured buttons very reminiscent of Christian Lacroix. 


Ideal for those

" Rainy nights, on Haussmann Boulevard
Parisian music drifting from the bars..." 

Jacket probably hails from Haussman Boulevard or vicinity.


Very versatile because of the removeable collar as it can be worn with brown or black, or both tbh at same time works! 

The collar sits beautifully over the bust very flattering. Can also be worn open or closed to dance so comfortable. 
I have teamed it here with a brown leather pencil skirt but would work wonderfully with a long hobble skirt or any tbh.

A size UK 8. French 36 

Please note the gloves with fur trim are are my own just used for styling. They are from Harrods early 1980s too and I do sometimes get hold of them usually in black so if you are after a pair let me know.


Such period late 1970s early 1980s ambient glamour the whole ensemble I couldn't resist doing a smoking shot, but rest assured everything has a thorough freshen up afterwards if I use 
smoking, horses, cats etc in my photos. Indeed I take great effort to attempt to treat everything if there are any odours so rest assured you won't get anything minging from my vintage stock!

1980s Galerie emerald green crop bolero jacket removable brown faux fur collar

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