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Can't get enough of that funky stuff? Those New York fashions of the early 1970s?

This is a fabulous early 1970s that has such a cool cut - you'll need to be on the 8 side of a UK 10 (it's a vintage 10) to have the looser drape fit these coats despite their fit and flare were designed to have, though it is still good for a size 10 it would be a normal fit. Which may be fine if you like normal fitted leather coats of the period. And there's not a dramatic flare on the coat...was meant to give a long slim line with just that hint of curve. 



The ample wide curved lapels,  low placed big curved pockets and back detail also place it firmly in that early 70s period and the look associated with 'superfly' style of dressing and funk music. You could wear this with suede hot pants or mini skirt (the suede ones with poppers) and boots. I'd team it with those chocolate and orange or beige check ones perhaps if I had. Or of course, tight jeans with great flare at the bottom & platform shoes- an in look atm.



Despite that American look the coat was made in Greece or Cyprus by O&Z and I've seen some nice pieces by them over the years in that 70s hipster vein, but this is the loveliest. Quality is excellent Greek & Turkish leather suede and shearling always is - they've been at the craft a few thousand years after all.



The sheepskin collar is soft thick and luxurious, and the double breasted buttons are suede covered, and come down to where the coat splits open to show a leg.



So....if you have a retro funk night to go to this winter...or one of the Kings Cross vintage car boots with that 70s funk dj bus bar...and looking forward to dancing to Kool & The Gang...this is your coat....but otherwise just a lovely and oh so very cool coat to wear any time....


No marks or stains ....excellent condition as so many suede pieces of this time have had the toll of years of wear taken on them...damn hippies don't get what specialist suede dry cleaning is ( just kidding ;) )  and while it is a sturdy suede it is still soft and supple. A beautiful coat with edge.

1970s suede & sheepskin fur collar double breast 'loose' fit flare -Super-fly!

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