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Seldom do I have 'high st' items but back in the 1970s many did some nice quality clothing. This cute fitted jacket which oozes style, with lovely shoulder structure, lapels and darts.... is by C&A !


It's a modern UK size 8 or 10 (though labelled as a size 12, the sizes were different then) 


These jackets are like rocking horse dooh these days! Military/ air hiostess with a 1940s feel, they hit the high st with a flourish inspired by the sensational appearance of the darted suits worn by Doreen Chanter and Jacquie Sullivan the Roxy Music backing singers for Love is The Drug in 1975.. And like their suits they were almost all in grey or blue. Often the 70s fashionista would throw a silver fox stole over one shoulder for a forties feel. 


And while most of the hgb st chains did them, they are so rare to find now and collectible! I especially love this C&A one which is in excellent condition for its age. Sensational piece.

1970's does 1940s wool blend pale grey jacket- fab lapels darts & belt

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